Why top technology talent will choose you & not your competition

The tech skills gap is now the largest since 2008 according the Wall Street Journal.

Given the expected explosion of Ecommerce and Technology in the Middle East over the coming years this gap is only going to widen.

With the global fight for top technology talent becoming fiercer and hitting every corner of the globe it is becoming increasingly tougher for groups to hire top tech talent with many settling for just someone that can “do the job” which can often have a huge impact on the business.

So what can be done to ensure you hire the 8,9 and 10/10 candidates and not the 5,6 and 7/10’s

Below is a list of 5 areas that make up part of the decision making process for top tech talent.

Opportunity to innovate

Top tech talent typically goes above and beyond,  many look to work with exciting products and groups as they have the ability to make a real impact. They look for good management that is continuously looking to innovate. Giving top tech talent the independence to innovate and develop new ideas/solutions/ ways of working will only act to benefit everyone.

Company Culture

I don’t mean Ping Pong and Foosball tables as cool as they are. As Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said in an open letter to staff. “Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion,” This is the message we see from top tech talent,  they look for opportunities where the team and company are consistently moving towards clear defined goals in an innovative “together” way.

Interview Experience

This could be the candidate’s first experience of your “brand” and of things to come, so just as you would on or offline make the process one that represents the business. Prior to the interview provide a clear agenda and during the interview where possible introduce them to the team, show them the office and workspace and set up a live demo to allow them to showcase and demonstrate their skills.

Impressive Colleagues

As mentioned above knowing the team and people you will be working alongside is crucial to top tech talent, knowing they will be part of a successful team and working with smart people (like them) they can learn from is a huge selling point.

Work life balance

It is widely known that Top tech talent is just that, they are incredibly passionate and love the work they do.  Having said that everyone needs a bit of time to recharge his or her batteries. The US is leading the charge here with many companies offering in house perks like “me days”, free gym memberships and company wide lunches for people to step away from there desks and just chill for a bit.

*Special mention- Compensation

Whilst important to receive a reasonable and transparent salary we have found for the majority this is not a critical driver and that the above points are more crucial in the decision making process.

**If you are struggling to hire top tech talent then we hope the above tips will help.