Why a positive workplace culture is crucial

Image of a team bowling event.

Cultivating a positive workplace culture is crucial…

if you want to improve teamwork, raises morale and enhance retention. This is especially apparent when your business adopts a hybrid or remote model, with disparate teams based globally. It’s no different for us, with an extended community of IT contractors placed onsite across the UAE.

Just before Ramadan, we hosted the first edition of the Kingpins of Technology. A fun evening that offered a chance for our wider community to come together with the team at HQ; a night filled with bowling, laughter and yes, intense competition.

After a hard-fought battle between the top 2 teams, Rashmi Hilli, Abdul Latheef, Naveed Ahmad, Sourabh Wadhwa and Afrooz Shaikh emerged as the winners, taking the top prize at the Kingpins of Tech!

Yes, it was all a bit retro, but everyone in the extended team left the evening feeling hyped, connected and valued.

The internal and external teams couldn’t have been happier for the opportunity to spend time together and get to know one another better.

In the age of contracting, hybrid, and remote working, it’s too easy to forget that behind every keyboard, call or KPI, is a colleague who wants to feel connected with the people they work with every single day.

And for anyone who attended, download all the pictures from the night here.