#ICYMI 9/26: UAE Tech & Digital News at a Glance

Tech, IT & Digital News from Across the UAE

The UAE is going through an immense shift and growth where IT, tech and digital news is concerned, it’s hard to keep up. It feels like every day there is an update or announcement.

Luckily, for you, our Head of Marketing & Communications has an unhealthy addiction for reading the tech & digital news from across the UAE, so you don’t have to.

Once a week he shares his findings in a quick digital digest to the team at SGP, and now here for you too – brief enough to help stay informed at a glance, but in-depth enough to provide value.

The UAE Tech Sector 🇦🇪

According to the latest statistics, digital economy contributes about 4.3% of the GDP in the UAE, which is equivalent to AED 100 billion.

    • 1,400 start-ups in the country.
    • 90 investment funds in the digital sector.
    • 12 business incubators.
    • AWD 90 billion total estimated value of start-ups in the country.

Who’s ready for the future? The UAE, and it leads the Arab world.

Dubai has signed a new action plan to develop the emirate’s digital economy strategy

People 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Changes in the Freelance License to attract highly skilled programmers from all over the world have been announced.

Startups 🚀

Startup incubator, Hub 71, launch initiative to help source high quality global tech startups to the region.

Sustainability 🌳

Visit WETEX, where you can you see the latest technological advancements in energy, water conservation, saving natural resources and building a sustainable environment?

Fintech 💳

Find out why tech companies are giving banks the fear?

Discover the 5 Startups Driving Innovative Retail Banking Solutions

It’s a Brave New World 👀

NFT watch: Why is Chloe the cause of everyone else raising their eyebrows?

Feed Your Ears 🎧

You can hear from founders of new start-ups as they tell their story – every Tuesday from 10am-11am

For the Diary 📆

GITEX is coming!

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