How tech companies hire amidst a skills shortage


93% engineering & tech employers are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill roles.

According to findings published*, tech employers across the UAE are experiencing a skills shortage of some kind, particularly in the high-skilled roles.

Part of the cause is attributed to a 48% growth in the UAE’s engineering and technology companies – and the demand for talent is only set to increase.

Elsewhere, pressure on salaries, poor retention and high staff turnover is adding to the mounting challenge.

We have been aware of this problem for a long time, so we have been proactively working with clients on testing attraction & retention strategies.

It’s time to adopt a new approach

One tactic is to avoid building a talent pool only based on professionals who already possess the requisite skills and experience.

The high demand for only the best or exacting requirements can make hiring prohibitively expensive, particularly for SMEs.

Instead, prioritise attributes over experience by adopting a hire-and-hone mindset to widen the net.

Where the discovery of skills, and the path to acquiring them needs is supported, retention is reduced, and staff satisfaction rates increased.

  • Working in this way has seen us deliver an 82% placement success on roles we’re briefed to search.
  • We have reduced avg. TTH by less than 28 days.
  • And 98% of our candidates placed complete their probation or contract period.

Problem solvers

If you want to discuss this, or any explore a new strategy to hiring, this is who you should connect with:

Natalie Mills (AI & Cloud and On-site expert)

Ashley McBean (Fintech & Cyber)

Spoorthi Patil (Product)

Ali Ibrahim (Software Engineering)

Anne William (Data)

Dina Sadek (Design)


*Reported 19 May in The National, this ‘wakeup call’ was issued following YouGov published result of a survey that polled 325 employers and employees in the UAE in December 2021 and January 2022.