5 Fintech Trends That Will Change The Landscape of the Financial Industry

Top Fintech Trends for 2022

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The financial technology industry is booming, and traditional financial institutions are increasing their fintech investments and competing with start-ups to offer financial services products faster and more efficiently. There are several trends…
Key Fintech Initiatives Shaping the Sector in the UAE

Key Fintech Initiatives Shaping the Sector in the UAE 

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Key Fintech Initiatives Shaping the Sector in the UAE  The United Arab Emirates has taken various steps to create an environment that is conducive to the growth of the fintech market in the country. The UAE is leading the MENA’s fintech…
What are the Fintech Innovations Attracting Speculation in 2022?

Fintech Innovation in 2022

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Fintech has been taking the business world by storm for several years. However, digital adoption rates have increased significantly recently, especially since the start of the pandemic. The increased adoption was fuelled by the heightened necessity…
2022 Recruitment Guide Cloud Services

2022 Recruitment guide: Cloud Services

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Cloud computing and cloud services have changed the way companies operate. Businesses across all sectors are shifting from on-site IT infrastructures to cloud-first, especially as the Hybrid working model sustains. This pace of change is bringing…
2022 Hiring Report Golang

2022 Hiring Report: Golang Developers

Go, or Golang is an increasingly popular language. But as a relatively young programming language, the talent pool is relatively small. With its popularity increasing globally, competition for the best people is increasing and the challenge…