Employer Branding

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Employer Branding

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In our era, apples are usually associated with phones, and Windows with computers. That's how strong those companies' brands are. But companies have a second brand too, their employer brand.   If someone asks an employee what it’s like to…
A Guide to Creating a Positive Candidate Experience 

A Quick Guide to Creating a Positive Candidate Experience 

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A positive candidate experience makes applicants feel appreciated and respected, which improves the chances of them being enthusiastic to work in your business. By following these basic checks while hiring, you can stand out as a company that…
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Making the Business Case for Building a Remote Tech Team

It’s Time to Think Remote or Hybrid Working.  If you’re not prepared to transition to a remote team, get ready to lose out on top tier talent. An increasing number of employees are expecting to see more flexible work options.  Read…
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5 Ways to Ensure Your Remote Tech Teams Remain Productive

Remote Tech Teams Are Here to Stay. At SGP Technology, we have observed a steady rise in demand for remote IT contractors and workers, and by the end of 2021, an estimated 25-30% of jobs will be remote. The team of expert headhunters at SGP…