how to write a great cold email

How to Write a Cold Email That Gets Read by a Recruiter

How to write a cold email that gets read by a recruiter As a team, we read hundreds of cold emails on a weekly basis. We also get asked by candidates frequently how to cut through the white noise of fellow job seekers, and the golden question,…
7 Reasons to live & work in the UAE

7 Reasons to Live & Work in the UAE

Image Credit: Gulf News Has the prospect of a new job opportunity in Abu Dhabi or Dubai got you thinking? When you're considering starting a new life abroad because of a job opportunity, It's natural that you'll have lots of questions. In…
Dubai Marina. Living & Working in Dubai

Your Guide to Living & Working in Dubai

To the outside world, Dubai may be better known for its iconic skyscrapers, manmade islands, and extravagant resorts. However, to its residents it also possesses a humbler side with a deep sense of culture and community. Fueled by visions of…
Sunrise in Abu Dhabi. Living & Working in Abu Dhabi

Your Guide to Living & Working in Abu Dhabi

The largest emirate and federal capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a vibrant archipelago of 200 islands with a versatile landscape, a centre for illustrious sporting events and home to world-class cultural institutions. Renowned for its abundant…