7 Reasons to Live & Work in the UAE

7 Reasons to live & work in the UAE

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Has the prospect of a new job opportunity in Abu Dhabi or Dubai got you thinking?

When you’re considering starting a new life abroad because of a job opportunity, It’s natural that you’ll have lots of questions. In our experience, this is especially the case when it comes to the live & work in the UAE. Is the UAE really income tax free? Is it safe in to live and work in the UAE? What are living standards like? What are the healthcare standards like in the UAE?

We’ve answered the seven most common questions and concerns we get asked everyday by candidates looking to live and work in the UAE. When you consider the answers, you’ll quickly understand why so many people are choosing to take the leap and make the UAE their new home.

1. Is there really zero income tax on your earnings when you work in the UAE?

The Personal Income Tax Rate in the United Arab Emirates stands at 0 percent.

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Dubai is free from Income Tax for residents with only 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) levied on consumer goods

2. What is it like to work amongst people from so many different cultures?

The UAE is an incubator of the values of tolerance, peace, security and multiculturalism, with more than 200 nationalities enjoying decent life and respect.

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Home to over 200 different nationalities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are cosmopolitan safe havens that stand for inclusion and tolerance.

3. Is the UAE a safe country to live and work in?

The UAE ranks as one of the safest and most peaceful places in the world for expatriates, and performs better than the global average.

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The UAE is one of the World’s safest countries with low crime rates because of a law enforcement system that demonstrates years of development.

4. What is the healthcare and hospitals  like in the UAE?

The UAE has a comprehensive, government-funded healthcare system and a rapidly developing private sector that delivers a high standard of care.

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With heavy investment in the healthcare sector, including dedicated healthcare zones, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are excellent cities for maintaining your health and wellbeing.

5. If I work in the UAE, will it be easy enough for family & friends to visit, or for me to visit home?

The United Arab Emirates has emerged as one of the top five most globally connected countries in the world.

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Dubai has direct flights to 97 countries, with a further 60 from Abu Dhabi, so your home-away-from-home enables you to stay connected to everyone and everything that matters.

6. What is the situation with COVID-19 in the UAE?

Abu Dhabi ranks top in the world for global Covid-19 response. Meanwhile, neighbouring Dubai ranks fifth. Handling of the pandemic has been exceptional.

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With its country-wide testing and vaccination campaigns, the UAE is a global model for preparedness and maintaining the highest levels of protection against the virus.

7. Are the living standards good in the UAE? What is accommodation like|?

All of the UAE – in particular, Dubai – has a fantastic array of rental arrangements for expats. In the larger emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and even (parts of) Sharjah, living standards can easily compare with the best of the west.

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Cosmopolitan UAE is family-friendly and offers an exceptional lifestyle. Spacious living spaces, high quality finishing and amenities, have the makings of a safe, comfortable and luxurious home for you.

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