Build a Strategy for Attracting & Retaining Skilled Tech

How do you create an Employer Branding strategy?

What are the action points for creating a strategy?  Many companies assume that the creation of an employer branding strategy is the sole responsibility of the HR department and/or the marketing department.   However, employer branding…
What is the objective of employer branding?

What is the objective of Employer Branding?

Every strategy is in place to achieve an ultimate goal. Similarly, an employer branding strategy too is in place to achieve certain objectives like attracting and retaining talented employees. A strong employer branding strategy that gains recognition…
Employer branding refers to the strategies that are established to help enhance the reputation of a company from an employee's perspective.

What is Employer Branding?

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So, you’ve decided to learn about employer branding? Congratulations, you’re at the right place! The following is a comprehensive guide to all things employer branding. Whether you’re a business owner, part of the senior management team,…